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Far Gone Books announces arrival of Wisdom's Maw: The Acid Novel, the incendiary underground novel by Todd Brendan Fahey which factionalizes the CIA's notorious MK-ULTRA acid tests and their influence on the Sixties' counterculture.

The price for this 224-page, quality trade paperback, is $15.00 postpaid (we've discounted the book slightly, for, in the author's absence, no further copies of Wisdom's Maw will be signed; if you happened to obtain a signed 1st-ed., you might have a good investment on yr hands).

Multiple copies are priced as follows (includes shipping):
2 - $33.00
3 - $50.00
4 - $55.00 (30% discount begins)
5 - $64.00
6 - $75.00
7 - $85.00
8 - $95.00
9 - $105.00
10 -$110.00 (40% discount begins; no higher discount)

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On receipt of your order, you will receive an invoice by e-mail, as well as an address to remit payment; make all checks and money orders payable to "Todd Brendan Fahey."

* Canadian orders please add $3 (US) to orders of 1-3; $5 for 4-9; $8 for 10 or more
* Persons Overseas may wish to consult Far Gone Books via e-mail before ordering, at: fargone@fargonebooks.com

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