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- the entirety of Wisdom's Maw: The Acid Novel
- Updates on progress of the filming of Wisdom's Maw
- Text files of Todd Brendan Fahey's novel-in-progress, A String of Saturdays: The New Southern Romance
- Access to:

"Al Hubbard: The Original Captain Trips" (published by High Times magazine, November 1991, by Todd Brendan Fahey) + complete Al Hubbard Files with Sandoz Laboratories

"It's Alright Maw, I'm Only Bleeding," an interview with Todd Brendan Fahey by R. U. Sirius, in the late, great Mondo 2000 magazine

"The Digital Todd Brendan Fahey," a link-rich mini-autobio of a man deemed, "one of the most illuminating, renegade minds in contemporary America" (so saith's then-Editor-in-Chief Alex Burns)

Dogshit Park & other atrocities: The complete short stories by and interviews with Todd Brendan Fahey

- Warm fuzzies and the knowledge that you have given back to a writer who has lent Herr Reader a whole lot of information over lo these many years

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